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If Jim isn’t better by Mayhem Fest in MI

I’m going to be thoroughly upset. I really hope he gets better soon. 

Also, does anyone know if Clown is selling his books at the show or is he only signing ones that have been purchased before?

Tracking the Slipknot tag on Tumblr might have been one of the best/worst ideas I’ve ever had. I spend soooo much time looking at all of the miscellaneous things people post. And with Soundwave happening in Australia this past weekend, everything dealt with that. Videos and videos as well as pictures galore. It makes me long for the 2 times I saw them back in 2009. 

Reliving that second time would be amazing. From row, directly in front of Mick and where Shawn would have been (his mom had passed away). Getting Mick’s attention and having him throw his one and ONLY guitar pick directly to me only to have it bounce off of my hand. (Pic related: From that show. Crappy phone quality though)

Although the first time I wound up with a drumstick from Chris to prove something awesome happened that night. Basically wrestled two people for that thing too. One of my prized possessions. 

I’m just excited as HELL for April 6th to come so I can at least PURCHASE my tickets for Mayhem Fest this year to see them. Then only another 3 months until the show in June. Why must my life be so damn difficult? (end rant)