20. Biomedical Science major at Grand Valley State University. Stressing over life. Lover of rock/metal.


The view from our 10 story hotel room in St. Louis. That’s the Arch and the Mississippi River.

Headed to St. Louis, MO in a few days.

So excited to head down there with a couple of friends for the ATO Congress. I really hope Kappa Lambda can bring back a True Merit Bowl. It’d be a dream come true. 

And I’m also going to be going to a St. Louis Cardinals/Milwaukee Brewers game on Friday, so that should be fun.

But I’m definitely most excited to meet other ATO’s from across the country. Excitement awaits.

So excited for the next few weeks

  • One of my best friends is coming to visit next weekend
  • Dark Knight Rises will be released
  • Bonfire with friends
  • Mayhem Festival (AKA Slipknot!) the following day
  • Then a bit later, I’m heading down to St. Louis with 2 of my Fraternity brothers for our National Congress which is held every other year. I’ve never done anything at the national level with the Fraternity so this will be an awesome experience
  • And then after I take my MCAT re-take, move back to Allendale
  • And begin my last year of undergrad at GVSU

Bring on the adventures!