20. Biomedical Science major at Grand Valley State University. Stressing over life. Lover of rock/metal.


So excited for the next few weeks

  • One of my best friends is coming to visit next weekend
  • Dark Knight Rises will be released
  • Bonfire with friends
  • Mayhem Festival (AKA Slipknot!) the following day
  • Then a bit later, I’m heading down to St. Louis with 2 of my Fraternity brothers for our National Congress which is held every other year. I’ve never done anything at the national level with the Fraternity so this will be an awesome experience
  • And then after I take my MCAT re-take, move back to Allendale
  • And begin my last year of undergrad at GVSU

Bring on the adventures!

Oh God, I’m getting old and having to do grown up things about my future…

So I’m filling out my application for the AACOM (American Association of Colleges of Ostepathic Medicine) and I get to the “Personal Statement” portion. Uh, wat? I have no freaking IDEA what to even begin writing. There are literally no guidelines whatsoever (that I can find). So I guess it’s a free-for-all? 

Hopefully I can figure something out from a few friend’s who’ve already been accepted to schools but still, it doesn’t make this any less stressful. My future is on the line.  

On the brighter side of things, there is only one application that I can send out to every school, so there saves me a HUGE amount of time, but that means my statement can’t be as personalized to the school as I want it to be. Oh well, the time constraint is an immense relief.  

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i haven’t TOUCHED that game in over a month and it’s SO depressing

That’s awful. You should get on that. Now. 

Although I’m trying to complete each guild/faction in the game before I practically put it away for 2 months while I study for my upcoming MCAT.