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Before I Forget - Slipknot

Mayhem Fest, Clarkston MI - July 22nd, 2012

Glad I found this because I was WAY too busy singing/screaming my fucking head off to record this.

While looking through the Slipknot tag, I found many posts about Mayhem Fest and a bunch of people were actual fans of the band while the rest of the people were saying they were surprised that Slipknot put on as good of a show as they did. A quote was along the lines of Slipknot blowing their expectations out of the water.

Alright, first of all, Rockstar wouldn’t have let Slipknot headline AGAIN if they didn’t perform well the first time.

Secondly, they’ve been around for 13+ year, touring for a large majority of that with all of their original line-up since hitting it big (with the exception of Paul, R.I.P.). Why would people still pay to see a band if they weren’t worth seeing?

People need to just chill out and quit bitching about things before you actually witness/experience them. 

/end rant

So excited for the next few weeks

  • One of my best friends is coming to visit next weekend
  • Dark Knight Rises will be released
  • Bonfire with friends
  • Mayhem Festival (AKA Slipknot!) the following day
  • Then a bit later, I’m heading down to St. Louis with 2 of my Fraternity brothers for our National Congress which is held every other year. I’ve never done anything at the national level with the Fraternity so this will be an awesome experience
  • And then after I take my MCAT re-take, move back to Allendale
  • And begin my last year of undergrad at GVSU

Bring on the adventures!

If Jim isn’t better by Mayhem Fest in MI

I’m going to be thoroughly upset. I really hope he gets better soon. 

Also, does anyone know if Clown is selling his books at the show or is he only signing ones that have been purchased before?