20. Biomedical Science major at Grand Valley State University. Stressing over life. Lover of rock/metal.


Lyrics Relevant to My Life at the Moment: Stone Sour/Slipknot/Corey Taylor

Stone Sour - Hate Not Gone

Your lack of self control is all you know
It’s over now, but you can’t let it go
You can’t begin to know the lives you hold 
My Hell is running cold

This hate is not gone
You make me wanna start a war
Because you waited so long
You don’t know what you’re fighting for
I know this hate is not gone
You have no right to be here

Slipknot - Everything Ends 

Shallow skin I can pain with pain
I mark the trails on my arms with your disdain
Everyday is the same - I love, you hate
But I guess I don’t care anymore

My flaws are the only thing left that’s pure
Can’t really live, can’t really endure
Everything I see reminds me of her
God I wish I didn’t care anymore
The more I touch, the less I feel
I’m lying to myself that’s it’s not real
Why is everybody making such a big fucking deal
I’m never gonna care anymore?

Stone Sour - Unfinished

"While my hands are tied behind my back - you save the best, and put me last
I’ve given up on giving you my heart 
I fucking hate it, you’re jaded, think about all the times we faked it
And realized that we tore this place apart 

But there’s no, reply from you
No matter what I do, I’ll never get away from you
We’re not finished