20. Biomedical Science major at Grand Valley State University. Stressing over life. Lover of rock/metal.


Apparently a shooting in 48 West occurred tonight. Or at least, a gun was shot off. Really interested to know which complex, considering I live in here…at least it seemed as though no one was hurt.

Scuba Steve, DAMN YOU: feels bad, man post


  • turned in WRT 253 final flyer and design memo an hour late
  • botched the holy shit out of my film shoot so there goes that grade
  • went to the health center, waited an hour, never got treated
  • still sick as all get-out
  • have to skip classes so i can work on something due tomorrow that i haven’t…

Yeah, basically. There’s also the labs for which you have 12+ hours of work to do each week for 0-1 credit hours, meetings 2-3 times a week which can take upwards of nearly 3 hours a piece, and for myself, Ultimate practice at LEAST twice a week for 3+ hours. Damn.

Really excited for the home opener tomorrow

I know a lot of people either don’t care because its football or don’t care because of whatever reason, but I find the games enjoyable if you’re with friends. And the atmosphere, whether it was a small high school game or a huge, Division I, Big 10 game, the atmosphere is great. Not quite the same high as a concert, but still a ton of fun. If you aren’t going/or if you’ve never gone, I suggest getting a group of friends who have a mild interest in sports together and just enjoying the evening. It can be a riot.

48 West is being subjected to A Day To Remember very, VERY loudly right now. Sorry I’m not sorry.

Just realized I’m not as free as I thought since I have to buy a racquetball racket and  one for badminton tomorrow once I’m out of class. Damn.

Favorite video game series is Metroid Prime.

I restarted the first one today and it’s simply incredible. The graphics look great and it’s a previous generation of console. The controls were a bit tough to get back into, seeing as it doesn’t have the standard controls of a FPS. But damn is it still an incredible game.

And I’ve definitely played it too many times. I beat the first boss and got to the second area in under an hour. I think it took me about 5-6 hours of my initial play through about 5+ years ago.

My heart froze for about 30 seconds.

I picked up my guitar case to move it and it felt incredibly light. I looked around the room for a second and realized it wasn’t sitting out. I hastily unzipped the case and to my relief, the guitar was inside. If that thing went missing, I don’t know what I’d do.