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Everyone who reblogs this post by Friday 11th January will get their URL written on the back of this picture: 

I will take all of these pictures with me when I go away the next day, and leave them randomly around towns in California (We have two weeks there, starting in San Francisco and ending up in LA). 


Tier 3 of the Bar Brawl on true vault hunter mode is impossible. There were 3 other people there too. Omg.

Nonsense! I do it solo all the time. If you’re on XBox, let me know and I can help you beat it

The Gunzerker skill ‘Sexual Tyrannosaurus’ causes him to regenerate health for a short time after taking damage, but hopefully you just saw the name and were like “I want that.”

The Greatest Loading Screen Tip Of All Time (via jensik)


If Handsome Jack isn’t your favourite villain ever then you’re wrong

No Church In The Wild

I love this game and I thought the quote fit it perfectly besides the poor grammar in the second to last image “who DON’T believe.” Then I Google’d the song and learned it was by Kanye West and I understood but it makes me dislike this a bit more.